2015 proved to be disappointing for Victoria Azarenka

2015 proved to be disappointing for Victoria Azarenka.

For the second time in a row, she was forced to bring her Season to an end a couple of months earlier than normal because of being hampered by an injury.

The same thing had happened in 2014 as well with Azarenka. She had to see an early finish in September.

But, she is not demoralized by all this, the Belarusian. She is upbeat about new Season coming up.

Speaking in an interview, the 26-year old said, “It’s quite obvious to feel gutted when you have to have your season getting finished in such a manner, but, that’s the way it goes at certain stages in your career and you have to take it on the chin. However, what’s important is to always look to the future with a positive mindset. You have another opportunity every year and you have to believe that you would be able to make it count.”

“I have always had immense support from my fans regardless of how I am playing or what sort of phase I am going through and it’s really overwhelming. It’s hard to thank them enough for the power and energy that they give me.”

When asked what message she would like to send to her haters, Azarenka said, “If you have fans, you will have haters too. You can’t get away from them, but, you can’t allow them to get you down. You should try and take motivation from what they say and get fired up. I want to tell my haters that they are important to me too as they never let me be complacent.”

Azarenka won the Australian Open singles title twice consecutively i.e. in 2012 and 2013, but, since then, she has not been able to clinch any Slam.