Azarenka Can’t Stop

Victoria Azarenka is off relaxing after a tough season mentally and physically.  Having just lost in the WTA Championships final to Petra Kvitova, she knows that she still has some bits of her game that she needs to work on – but it won’t be her grunting!

In spite of a new rule which is coming in to force to stop players distracting each other with their screams / grunts, Azarenka insists that she has nothing to worry about, and that she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to!

She said, “It’s not about the rule. You cannot stop people from doing what they do on the court. I mean, it’s not, you’re not trying to distract anybody. It’s just normal. For me, I do it during the practice, during the matches. If some people do it only during the matches to distract, maybe it’s bothering. But I do it all the time. It’s just a part of me, a part of who I am.”

“I’m the way I play since I was actually 8 years old, and it’s become a part of my movement, part of my game. So I cannot change it and I’m not going to.”