There are some players who are just different from others and there is a term for them ‘Champions’. They are called so because they tend to come up with something special when the conditions are not quite favourable to them.

Serena Williams is one of the best of all times because of what she did on Sunday in the US Open final.  Her form wasn’t quite up there and she was not being able to make the most of the opportunities. She was clearly feeling the heat for the first time in the competition, but, the manner in which she shrugged that off was just remarkable. She battled her way through and eventually came on top to show why she is the best in the business.

Victoria Azarenka who was Serena’s opponent in that final admitted later on that Serena knows the art of winning perfectly well.

Azarenka said, “She is a legend. She has the idea how to do it time and again.”

“In such big games, you need to seize the vital moments and that’s what she did today. She was more aggressive and she lifted her game at the right time.”

“I tried my best and that’s what you can do. I am going from here with my head high.”

“It’s important to take positives out of such matches. It was always going to be difficult as I was facing a player like Serena and that too when she is at her peak. But, I gave her a good fight and that’s a real positive for me.”

The final match between Serena and Azarenka went on for 2 hours and 45 minutes and Serena eventually won it in three sets by 7-5, 6-7(1), 6-1. This was the 5th time that Serena won the US Open singles title.