Preview Of Aegon Open Nottingham

The opening stage of Aegon Open Nottingham will see events held at international levels in Nottingham, the Netherlands, Hertogenbosch and Great Britain.’

There will be 3 players who are the world’s top 40 coming into action. Victoria Azarenka has withdrawn to play due to health issues. Although the former leading player will be out, there will be top seed Karolina Pliskova, Johanna Konta and Caroline Wozniacki who would be taking part in the field.

Azarenka has been a champion in 2009 and she began her tournament with an achievement over Elena Vesnina in the first round before Ysaline Bonaventure. The player impressed the audience with her record that made her win the final over Samantha Crawford, who is the youngest qualifier from America. Victoria has won 8 matches out of 10 matches that she has played. The Belarusian tennis player has been the former top player who has won Australian Open titles for singles twice in 2012 and 2013. Azarenka was the only player to have won the title of Grand Slam singles. Read more »

2015 proved to be disappointing for Victoria Azarenka

2015 proved to be disappointing for Victoria Azarenka.

For the second time in a row, she was forced to bring her Season to an end a couple of months earlier than normal because of being hampered by an injury.

The same thing had happened in 2014 as well with Azarenka. She had to see an early finish in September.

But, she is not demoralized by all this, the Belarusian. She is upbeat about new Season coming up.

Speaking in an interview, the 26-year old said, “It’s quite obvious to feel gutted when you have to have your season getting finished in such a manner, but, that’s the way it goes at certain stages in your career and you have to take it on the chin. However, what’s important is to always look to the future with a positive mindset. You have another opportunity every year and you have to believe that you would be able to make it count.”

“I have always had immense support from my fans regardless of how I am playing or what sort of phase I am going through and it’s really overwhelming. It’s hard to thank them enough for the power and energy that they give me.” Read more »

Victoria Azarenka is pretty upset about the comment

Victoria Azarenka is pretty upset about the comment that Nick Kyrgios made during his match versus Stanislas Wawrinka the other day.

Kyrgios said something very disrespectful about Wawrinka’s girlfriend and his words were heard by the television spectators all around the world through the microphone.

There has been criticism coming from all quarters for Kyrgios for his act.

Azarenka also joined in the row yesterday to slam the 20-year old.

Azarenka strongly condemned Kyrgios on a social networking site.

In the words of the Belarusian beauty, “In any sports in the world, the first and foremost thing is to have some respect for the opposition. Whoever you are, you have got to be respectful.”

“You should at least care about the fact that the microphone is there and millions of people are watching the action live.”

Wawrinka himself also seemed to be in a state of shock to hear what Kyrgios passed to him.

The Switzerland international, who won the French Open earlier this season, also took to the same social networking site as Azarenka to show his disappointment.

Wawrinka’s words were, “It’s quite hard for me to believe that a professional athlete went down to that level. It’s certainly not acceptable. I believe the people running the game would have taken notice of that and I am hopeful of them going to take immediate action.” Read more »

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is finally going to make it to the court

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is finally going to make it to the court after a long gap. He will appear in the second round of the ongoing Miami Open tomorrow.

Tsonga has been completely absent from the scenes this season. He had been out with an injured arm.

The Frenchman’s entertaining brand of tennis is highly appreciated around the world and people had eagerly been waiting for his comeback.

A bye in the opening round helped Tsonga make his way straight to round no. 2 where he will take on Tim Smyczek.

There has not been any confrontation between these two players on the tour so far. It’s the first occasion that they would be competing and though on ability, you still feel that Tsonga is much better; in current circumstances you can’t say that he is the clear favourite.

Tsonga himself seemed to be playing down his chances when he showed up for the pre tournament press conference. Read more »