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Victoria Azarenka faces Fitness Issue

Victoria Azarenka has decided that she is done for the ongoing season and she will be back in the tennis court in 2015 only.

The fitness issues just ruined the 2014 for Azarenka. Throughout the year, she kept nursing her injuries and never quite managed to get into the groove for a fluent run.   She kept slipping down and down in the rankings and presently, she is at the 32nd position in the world.

Azarenka mainly has had troubles with her knee and for a tennis player or for any sportsperson for that matter; a fit knee is badly required.

In a message to her supporters and well wishers on a social networking site, Azarenka wrote, “As you all know how much I have had to struggle this year, but, still, I have tried to play as many games as possible. I have pushed myself.”

“However, now, I have realized that I should give my body some proper rest for a couple of months so that it gets into good shape at the start of next year and I manage to perform my best on the court.”

“I think the best thing for me at the moment is to withdraw myself from all the remaining tournaments in the season and just work on my fitness away from the scene.”

Azarenka is in France at the moment. She has gone there to watch the Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain play.

The Belarusian had actually received invitation from the officials of the club.

Serena Williams, the American player, had also been invited, but, she has not accompanied Azarenka there.

Azarenka is also supposed to be going to go Disneyland in the Capital city of France tomorrow before her return from there.

Azarenka is the Australia Open winner of two times.