BarboraStrycova lost her temper and then eventually lost the game in the second round of the Wuhan Open in China.

She faced JelenaOstapenko, winning the first set 6-2. However, the Czech lost her temper and the game as she lost the remaining sets 5-7, 3-6 to crash out of the tournament.

The French Open champ didn’t even do as much to take her down after she failed to control her temper and focus on the game at hand. The heat rule allowed the game to be stopped between the second and third sets. Strycova was not happy with the break as she was hoping to kill off the game as quickly as possible by wearing out her opponents with constant attacks.

The star thought she lost the second set that would have sealed the game in her favour, in dubious circumstances so she was keen on continuing. Ostapenko’s forehand winner levelled proceedings but Strycova thought the ball was long. The call was in the favour of Ostapenko and with no Hawkeye in place to back up her claim, Strycova cries were all ignored.

The enraged star faced the umpire from the baseline, arguing and making her case. The poor call and wrongly timed heat rule, in her opinion, riled her up so much that she allegedly cussed at the umpire. Tennis writer TumainiCarayol reported that she said to the umpire: “You have no f**king idea what’s going in here. You’re just sitting on the bench, counting the points.”

When the set resumed, she did not get her balance and Ostapenko rolled to victory. After the game, the 20-year old said the conditions were challenging but that she fought hard and eventually turned things in her favour.